After a year and a half, Governor “Not Benson” (who no longer talks about the $300 million dollar Benson deficit he campaigned on) takes a stand! Actually, two stands.

Can you believe it? He vetoes a bill known as the “Geoff Wetrosky Prevention Act.”

This bill was designed to allow long suffering NH election officials the opportunity to ask for photo identification of potential voters. But the little governor is afraid that people voting in NH might be intimidated by having to show identification.

Notice how I said “people voting in NH” as opposed to “NH voters.” There is a difference. You can, according to current practices in our state, vote here even if you live in any of the other 48 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Solomon Islands, or South Dakota.

In Lynch the Governor's New Hampshire, people from all over the world would never risk being intimidated (or caught) when they vote here. They would simply pick a town, walk up to the ballot clerk, with their ski mask on of course, mumble the name of some college student (if someone else hasn't done it already) who graduated and moved six years ago, and bingo, democracy is ensured!

At first I thought Lynch the Governor was nuts vetoing a voter ID bill because of the nonsensical “intimidation” excuse. But he won me over just last week I saw a young fella at Cumby's buying a case of beer. He seemed nervous showing the store clerk a photo ID he had. Maybe we should reconsider this ID thing on more levels. Intimidation leads to stress and stress causes all kinds of medical conditions which could balloon our already enormous HHS budget. Hey maybe its a tax saving opportunity!

This no ID thing could really catch on. Faster lines at banks. The airport would be a more pleasant place for sure.

Then there is my personal pet peeve.

Every damn time I go to a voter fraud hearing at the State House and testify they make me tell them my name “for the record.” Boy is that intimidating.

Almost forgot. Lynch took a shot at the Second Amendment with a veto of a No Retreat Bill, SB318. Typical liberal.

As a taxpayer activist I notice things about politicians in other areas of the political spectrum. And this is a good rule of thumb:

Any politician who does not respect your Second Amendment Rights will tax the snot out of you given half a chance.

Don't trust them.