When Winning Isn't Winning

If I have my understanding of the upcoming November 2006 elections in order it goes something like this: Democrats are poised for a takeover of the US House because of Republican scandals such as spying on US citizens by the government.

Anointed Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary stealing some 900 FBI files on her political enemies wasn't spying? Progressive Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer's employees hack into the Lt Governor of Maryland's credit card history to provide dirt on this up and coming black Republican politician, but this as well is not spying? Progressive Dem. Congressman McDermott has friends who tap the phone conversations of other Congressmen but that pales in comparison to what is going on now, as I understand this thread of Democrat logic.

Yep, warrant-less spying is good fodder for Democrat campaigns. They can hold their heads up high on that issue.

And there is more.

The Republican Governor of Kentucky was just indicted for of all things, hiring political friends for government jobs.

I guess by now most voters have forgotten what Princess Hillary did to the long time White House Travel Office employees the moment she had the chance to exorcise her Executive Powers under President Bill. If you forgot, let me remind you - she replaced them with cronies of hers. But that was “different” you say.

Republicans “outed” a secret CIA agent! Except this agent was NOT a real secret agent but a lowly CIA paper pusher who sent her hubby on a personal book deal-making vacation in Africa meant to undermine the current administration. If this “secret” agent needed to be under cover, donating money to the Kerry for President campaign under her real name was a strange way to do it.

On the other hand, Progressive Democrat Senator Leahey did in fact knowingly leak to the press military information which lead to an American pilot being killed. At least he was removed from the Senate Intelligence Committee. But once again, this issue of leaking is a sure bet for Democrats.

The war in Iraq. Now there is a sure thing for Liberals. They based their last Presidential campaign on that one.

(Hillary voted for it.)

I do wish the Democrats well though. Especially in the House races in '06. Throw the Republican bums out! (Especially RINO's)

That should about do it for any of Hillary's White House dreams.