The Taxpayer Revolt Elsewhere...

Was That A Bus That Hit You?

No, it was a taxpayer revolt that ran over ten Republican State Legislators in Tuesday's election. Ha, ha, ha. The bastards never see it coming. Its the twin patinas of arrogance and greed that clouds their powers of perception.

Senate President Pro Tem Robert Jubelirer, R-Altoona, and Senate Majority Leader David Brightbill, R-Lebanon, were two of the architects of an illegal midnight pay raise and who took it on the chin from two conservative candidates in this Pa. Primary. Eight more Republican incumbents went down to conservative rivals as well. Some elected judges were tossed or came close to it in elections right after the pay raise scandal back in July.

What message did Pa. voters sent elected officials in recent elections?

Property tax relief! Not pay raises.

How bad did they want it?

Four years ago the voters even went so far as to elect liberal Democrat Ed Rendell the former mayor of Philly. Now that is desperation.

The tally so far: Pa. RINO's get cooked in the primary, conservatives who promise property tax relief get elected to replace them, Rendell PROMISED property tax relief and has not delivered. Is he next?

Here is the fun part.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler and conservative Lynn Swann is running for Governor of Pennsylvania. In Philly, Rendell's former haunt, many inner city voters get to vote several times because the system is so crooked. If you do the math on census figures something like 65% OF ALL people above the age of 18 would have to vote to get the turnout they do. The corruption is legendary.

But what if these same city voters who sway the whole state into the blue decide to vote for the candidate of color who happens to be a well respected football star to boot?

I am originally from Pa. and while there several years ago became aware of the Rendell for Governor campaign of “property tax relief” where Rendell aligned himself with every local candidate on that issue. You could see the signs change from district to district as you drove the six hours across the state. Rendell and this guy, Rendell and that guy. Sign after sign. It worked. But the promise was not kept.

And I was in Pa. For a couple of days last year in the Raystown area for a college function and saw the “throw the bums out” signs planted in front yards all along the rural roads we traveled. The papers were full of pay raise news stories and letters to the editor demanding retribution.

November 2006 in Pa. should be a corker.