The Taxpayer Revolt Continues...

Taxpayer Alert!

All nine candidates of the Alliance of Derry Taxpayers (ADT) SWEEP the 9 seat Charter Commission in today’s (May 23rd) Special Election.

The 9 candidates supported by ADT all favored Official Ballot Town Council, and were supporters of the Charter Commission question in March.

The opposition group called “Derry United” was made up of the “all-star” team of town and school status quo and were opponents of the Charter Commission Question last March.

What makes this even more impressive is that the Pro-Taxpayer candidates won 2 Town Council Seats in March and the expectation was that the tax and spend crowd would come out “guns blazing” in the Special Election, but they shot all blanks Tuesday!

This is a major milestone for ADT in that the Taxpayer group has won 2 straight elections within 2 months. This is BIG!

Congratulations to the nine winners...

Councilor-at-Large Kevin Coyle

Former State Sen. Frank Sapareto

State Rep. Paul Hopfgarten (past CNHT Director)

Sandy Hopfgarten (Coalition of NH Taxpayers Director)

Doug Newell

State Rep. Howie Lund

Brent Carney

Tom Cardon

Bob Marquis


2 State Reps, 2 School Board Members, School District Superintendent, School District Attorney, Legislative Budget Assistant (Yes the State LBA ran), and 2 Councilors-at-Large