Lynch Makes Bold Move

In preservation of non-resident voters (at least he has done something in almost two years) Lynch vetoed a bill to have photo ID to vote. Big deal, he was just doing what any elected official beholden to the college vote has to do. He is a liberal Democrat after all and has a responsibility to his constituents no matter what state they are from.

I noticed a new poll put out by UNH the other day and it had the little governor at something like 73% approval. I wonder if there is a specific “laugh limit” to what UNH can gin up in a poll before the public thinks they are reading a Letterman Top Ten list.

Another thing that struck me was the lack of a disclaimer on the UNH poll that stated they gave UNH employee Ned Helms to Lynch during and after his “I'm not Benson/ $300 million dollar deficit” campaign for governor?

If Lynch, as is now revealed by a non-resident voter protection veto, is a shill for UNH, the UNH pollsters should at least mention the $110,000.00 minimum donation in employee salaries they shoveled to his campaign.

The recent UNH poll also asked potential voters about phone jamming.

I may have missed it but has UNH ever polled anyone on voter ID?

Or as it is known here in NH, “poll jamming” with non-residents?

Ah but there is a plus side to this.

Now I can wear my Geoff Wetrosky cardboard cutout mask to vote!