Campaign Season In Full Swing

Not a lot of rump but much swabbing was in evidence on the front page of the Manchester paper this past Monday in a front page above the fold story/editorial by State House Bureau Chief Tom Fahey, (D) Union Leader, whose puff piece about Governor Lynch hit all the same old tired notes.

There was the usual quote by a “staunch Republican” about our “very caring, thoughtful” governor. The quote attributed to the Marlborough Police Chief also stated that this chief never openly supports anyone but he will support the governor. Yawn.

We had a quote from a nameless GOP operative who said the Governor is doing “beautifully.” (Sounds like a quote one of the same nameless “GOP operatives” that slipped into the Bush campaign re-election headquarters in Lebanon, Concord, and Rochester during the 2004 race.)

Republican political consultant Rich Killion toned down the syrupy Fahey love-fest a wee bit with a reality check regarding how little Governor Lynch has done and that going to floods and funerals or other crisis is good politics.

But the icing on the cake for Lynch “publicity director” Tom Fahey had to had to have been Republican Chair Wayne Semprini's admission in referring to Gov. Lynch, “I'd like to see him start doing less of the right things, I can tell you that. It would make it a lot easier.”

So it begs the question. If Governor Lynch is so popular, just check the polls, and has only token opposition, why go to all the trouble to sell a hyped up story like this?