Staying Dry

I don't feel cheated for being stuck indoors this weekend during the never ending rain.

I attended the “GOP Campaign School” at Southern New Hampshire University which was put on by Spectrum Monthly and Printing of Manchester. It was great.

Former Maine State Legislator Adam Mack was the shove behind this push to get new candidates as well as elected legislators motivated and informed about how to make the most of their campaign efforts this election cycle. Adam Mack has a PAC called SCICOM PAC that funds this type of election boot camp. They may be back in NH again before November and are currently organizing events in Massachusetts as well as their home state of Maine.

I have in the past sat through these types of workshops but this was by far the most animated and informative, from funding, printing, candidate presentation and strategy, they covered everything in great detail. Attendees, of which there were about 25-30 over the two days, left with armloads of material.

What was interesting to me was that I knew very few of the people taking the course. They knew of the CNHT-affiliated taxpayer groups in their respective towns but where not actively working with them. That will change.

We had a tour of Spectrum Monthly on Saturday before the Manchester Wolves arena football game for which everyone got tickets. Now I am hooked. This place is a jewel if you are running for office and looking for a print-mail shop. You can leave the drudgery of mailing and printing to people who have the expertise and equipment while you actually campaign.

Best of all, I ran into my old friend Chuck McGee who works at Spectrum and got the grand tour Spectrum's print shop and of Chuck's corner office with the big picture window.

Made the rainy weekend a bit more bearable.