Can We Throw “Titanic” In There?

Now isn't it nice to be known as the state that has the – Manchester Boston Regional Big Dig Airport?

Associate with losers – be known as a loser.

Here is a quote from back in April when we ditched the NH Advantage of NOT being Boston:

According to Airport Director Kevin Dillon, “the airport believes the new name better reflects the emerging role that the airport now plays in the region. In 2005, almost one million air travelers from Massachusetts used the airport and many other from outside New England chose Manchester to access the Boston-North Region."

Had we not thrown our lot in with Boston we could be the:

“No Three Hundred lb Slab of Concrete Will Fall On Your Head Airport”


“Hey Your Not Stuck Behind Psycho Drivers Airport”

In fact, Mr. Dillon, our “emerging role” was that we were NOT associated with Boston, the “Big Dig” or the upcoming “Big Re-dig.”