If I could wave a magic wand that would grant me three wishes to waste on politics (other than hoping Hillary gets the Democrat nomination) I would ask for these three things:

One: I wish the doctor in Cuba who just a few months ago claimed Castro would live to be 160 would be the same guy charged with working on his evil and currently bleeding guts.

Two: I wish the relatives of the woman killed in the Big Dig tunnel would win a $15 billion dollar, I said BILLION dollar settlement against Massachusetts so that Massachusetts would finally have to pay for that mess themselves. Then maybe some reporter will shove a microphone in the face of Kennedy, Kerry, or Barney Frank for answers instead of over-reporting the red herring of firing the current MTA commissioner, what's-his-name.

Three: (Work with me here, it's a magic wand...) I wish that we in NH would sell to North Carolina the “First in the Nation Primary” status for a designated sum of money and one extra NASCAR race to be held here in Loudon. With the extra NASCAR race, we would be bringing in something that actually makes money and isn't crooked!