The Primary Is Lost? I Certainly Hope So

With all the bending over backwards by our AG's Office, Secretary of State, Democrat Party Chair, and liberal legislators to allow anyone from anywhere in America to vote here anonymously, the Democrat National Committee goes and ignores all their hard work.

Booo Hoooo!

Take the damned primary and hold it in some place (DC I hope) where potential presidential candidates have to pander to crack whores, casino owners, union thugs, or illegal aliens. It makes no difference to me. Just get it out of NH.

Some Democrats from the extreme left would like a shot at the Democrat Primary and I think they deserve it. After all, we had the debacle of Kerry and Dean here last time where the primary was nothing more than geographical. Kerry won every NH town (we have 234) that bordered Mass. and Maine. Dean won every town that bordered VT. (As well as two seacoast area college towns that should have been delivered to Kerry by the “unbeatable” former Governor Jeane Shaheen - Kerry's NH campaign guru.)

What a farce. All the pundits and experts trading opinions and advice, and in the end it was simply a matter of where on the map you came from.

Having a system such as ours where primary voters can show up on election day and register with no identification only helps Northeast Liberals like Kerry and Dean.

Now in NH with the adoption of HB 391 anyone can vote in place of another. It is “first come first serve.”

Let's take, for example, one Geoff Wetrosky the former Sen. Kerry campaign crook and then South Dakota resident who listed Dem Party Chair's home at 192 South Mammoth Rd. as his “voting” residence on November 8, 2005 two days after telling Manchester Police who detained him for political sign stealing, he was going “back home.” (For non-NH readers “domicile” for voting purposes is what is in your head at the moment you vote, not where you actually reside – isn't that a hoot!)

Geoff Wetrosky (never prosecuted) is still listed as a Manchester voter, which under NH law, as practiced now, means anyone who walks in first and says, “Wetrosky, Geoff” gets to vote. No questions asked – no possible challenge by a real NH voter will work. We have found a way with HB 391 to hide all relevant information.


With our new “HB 391 Non-resident Voter Protection Act” real NH voters can no longer see the details on a voter registration form such as last place of residence or even the signature of the person voting.

So if one were to challenge a person voting under the name of a person on a checklist that was known to have moved one would not be able to compare the signature against the original voter's signature.
Or when a person on a NH checklist gets arrested for drunk driving two years after voting here and gives and comes up with an out of state drivers license as ID it can't be matched with the original same-day registration form.

We know members of our taxpayer organization ticked off the Dem. Party's “party” up in Hanover by challenging over 400 voters back in 2000 and collecting paper challenges with each person's signature on them. And I realize they had to do something to protect non-resident voters, but HB 391 is a little over the top.

So as far as I am concerned, take the crooked primary and all the non-resident voters that come with it and put it anywhere but in NH. Let us get back to being a Red State.