Caught Red Handed

Quietly and without much fanfare George Soros' moonbat brigade,, had their ad claiming Congressman Charlie bass was a crook pulled from the air.

This so-called ad showing Charlie Bass with in black and white with a red hand could be described as a pot calling the kettle black but there is a big difference - George Soros is a convicted criminal – Charlie Bass is not. Congressman Bass is merely the target of a sloppy national campaign steered by a bunch of hate-filled liberal leftovers from the Dean presidential campaign.

The attack on Bass is part of a national strategy to use Soros' dirty money from insider trading and betting against weak currencies in third world countries to alter our American political system from Congress to the Presidency. So far it has done little more than provide some much needed comfort for the perpetually losing left and discomfort for their intended targets. Charlie Bass would win this race if it was held today and will win it by more as it gets closer to November., my pet name for this crowd, has had other “Caught Red-Handed” ads in this series pulled in Congressional races throughout the country as well. Nothing new for them.

Under the cover of a “contest” ran a cartoon in 2004 comparing President Bush to Hitler. They pulled that one themselves. Another they dreamed up was pulled before it got on the Super Bowl. They even pulled a 2005 anti-war ad where they used pictures of British soldiers in Iraq claiming they were American GIs eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Better get used to it. This is all the left has going for it other than its total (except for Lieberman) control of the soul of what once was the Democrat Party.

So sad. All that Soros money and nothing positive to do with it.

If money can't buy happiness how can anger?