Sept 2, 2005 - A Day Not To Remember

Not many people remember one of the events that took place in New Orleans in which the Federal Government did an outstanding job. A job that took special training, cunning, perfect timing, and a whole lot of what might be best described as – balls.

As people were trapped in the 12 feet below sea level Superdome without food or drinkable water one lone man took it upon himself to get the heck in that city now that hell and high water had indeed come.

That man was...

Louisiana's Second District United States Congressman William Jefferson.

Nothing would stop this public servant from achieving his goal of getting the Louisiana National Guard to escort him to his house to pick up a small refrigerator sized box just like the one found in his office in DC by the FBI which contained about $90,000.00 in bribe money that he'd taken from an informant.

And guess where old Rep. William Jefferson is as I write this article?

He is leading a band of Democrats on a tour of his beloved city.

And why shouldn't one of the most powerful congressmen in DC lead his fellow Democrats on a tour? What has he to be afraid of. The press will not touch the story about him taking bribes. He will be re-elected just like Mayor Nagin was because he seems to have no serious opposition. Life is good.

And the big bad Democrat "Anybody knows not to mess with me" Nancy Pelosi is helpless to do anything about getting this sleaze ball out of his position on the House Ways and Means Committee so she has to depend on silence from her friends in the press.

Talk about being caught red-handed. Where is