Judge Lynn: Do The Right Thing!

And now for the latest Jerry Springer moment involving a New Hampshire cathouse – excuse me — courthouse. (Same difference.)

I will break it down into bluntly described visuals you can commit to memory, hopefully without triggering a gag reflex.

Three Merrimack County Superior Court/Cathouse denizens are trading off-again, on-again Lambada lessons with each other in what seems to be a combined lack of responsible adult companionship.

The players: 34-year old court employee Susan Corcoran, 60ish Judge Edward Fitzgerald, and 50/60ish Concord attorney, Ted Barnes.

The victims: NH Judicial credibility, taxpayers forced to supply the granite-pillared, wood-paneled dating service to these losers, as well as the defendant in this baby-shaking manslaughter case.

The scenario: These idiots were at some point in time “dating each other” during a manslaughter case in which they were all involved. (There must have been come-hither glances just bouncing all over the courtroom.)

The definition of “dating each other,” facts regarding “dating each other,” and time lines regarding “dating each other” may come slowly to light in this torrid little soap opera as there has already, according to news reports, been some definition of the word “is” type answers given to an inquiring Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn who has, as he should, taken an interest in the case.

How sad is it that we have “professionals” in our judicial system playing (two thirds of the threesome anyway) “geriatric spin the bottle” on our time and during a MANSLAUGHTER case.

And then the history lesson.

It was not that long ago, June 2004, we lost an Attorney General to an evening of hip-grabbing conga line dance moves, as well as having a Rockingham District Court/Cathouse Judge suspended after of all things – an excessive bit of cross-gender groping during a conference on sexual harassment. Paid for by your tax dollars.

Then there was that wacky impeachment of the State Supreme Chief Court Justice for trying to place a more “cooperative and understanding” judge into the divorce of a – State Supreme Court Justice. For all the smoke and fury it turned out to be little more than a catch and release program because we had in place a “cooperative and understanding” State Senate many of us believe was the result of non-resident voters influencing several seacoast area senate races. But that is all water under the bridge, right?

Then we have another “judge” who escaped his NH court/cathouse for the American Southwest only to found dead with a plastic bag over his head in some cheap hotel room. This fellow was accustomed to trading short jail time for sexual favors with young men and stealing property from clients. The lack of any discernible effort by NH to stop this judge was what generated much of the political activism of the court-reformers I ran into when I first became active in state politics in the early 90's. It also sat and grew like a festering boil until the State Supreme Court Chief Justice impeachment issue came along.

Now, after all this (as well as the arrogance of the Claremont Decision) we find there has been almost no change of attitude in some members of our legal community when it comes to seeking the pleasures of each other's excess flesh.

I could be wrong but here is my take on the situation.

Some of our esteemed judges were not, in their formative years anyway, “a hit with the ladies,” so to speak. In fact, most were probably weenie-boy types who have a great bit of trouble, in their current couch-potato conditions, shielding themselves from the court/cathouse groupies who roam the hallways and offices of our judicial system in full trophy-seeking mode, decked out in all manner of alluring pantsuits.

As a taxpayer activist I have a dilemma.

Do I look for reform from the system itself – the type Judge Lynn could provide in this case? This would stop wasting tax dollars on second trials etc. But then choice two:

Should I sit back and enjoy watching as some of these judges become, in a strange twist of fate, one of the sad-luck, shoulda-known-better, thinkin-with-the small-head losers who are paraded through their courtrooms every day?

I'm taking a poll.