We all know what evolution is. That is the science of warm-blooded creatures walking into the sea to become whales and dolphins after crawling out of the sea to become warm-blooded creatures. It is that simple. Happens all the time.

Political evolution happens as well. There was a shining example of it on display last week in post-paleolithic/Claremont New Hampshire. Our beloved (in the polls for now) Governor John Lynch evolved into something new and from now on we have a highly evolved uber-species of governor. His scientific name for ever-more will be:

Governor Volynchski. Pronounced: Vol-lynch-ski.

The old governor, Lynch, was a creature designated to a very small deciduous, indecisive habitat. He had no natural enemies because a larger predator, Media New Hampshirosis, swallowed them up. The only other creature in direct competition with Lynch in this happy jungle was a friendly, timid, but highly successful plant eater - when he wasn't being cannibalized by other members of its own species.

The newly evolved Governor Volynchski has been – through selective judicial breeding, mated with a weasel-tempered animal which also possesses shark-like tendencies.

Suddenly, the hapless, indecisive Lynch, once the most popular creature in the jungle, must take action that may put him in danger of becoming extinct. He must feed his new darker side!

Should he change his stripes to spots? Can he evolve from being a vegetarian to a meat eater in time to survive or will the Neanderthals in the hills come to eat him up?

I see campfires and hear drums in the distance.