September 11, 2006

 I don't know that September 11, 2001 feels like it happened five years ago in political time because we are pretty much right back to the same old partisan battles as before it happened. It will take several more 9-11's as well as elections before that comes to an end I suppose. All I know is I see an undeniable change at the grass-roots level.

Even though the media does not play over and over again pictures of American citizens jumping out of the Twin Towers rather than burn to death it doesn't mean people do not remember.

A Vietnamese girl burned by napalm and an officer shooting a prisoner in the head may win Pulitzer prizes, but the grim reality of what happened on our own soil just doesn't serve their purpose I guess. I take that back. We certainly were treated to hours of TV time watching Rodney King get the angel dust beat out of him. That served a purpose.

I remember calling a Concord radiator repair shop on the morning of September 11, 2001 to see if my tractor radiator was finished being re-cored. Since I was outside putting a new water pump on the tractor I was not aware of the news that morning.

When the little old lady at the radiator place answered the phone I asked if my radiator was finished. She told me “We are closed today. You better put down the phone and turn on the television.” Then she hung up.

Just like everyone else I watched the events unfold.

My wife already left that morning for Boston about 8:30. She is a flight attendant based in Boston and was leaving on a 767, bound for Atlanta. Her aircraft was full of fuel just like the targeted planes were. She said that was the first thing that entered her mind when she heard what happened while on the employee bus headed to the terminal. “They're after the fuel” she thought. She was turned back at crew lounge and headed home to New Hampshire.

I went to the Spanish language TV channels for news. That is when I saw people jumping from the North Tower. But on American television, nothing I can recall.

I guess that type of news doesn't serve their purpose. But I remember.