Portfolio Voters

Hey Big Spenders

Since the First District Congressional race is all over but the crying I thought I would tackle the education funding extortion scam the State Supreme Court has partially applied to us here in New Hampshire.

With an “insider” spin of course.

The battle for hearts and minds in the upcoming quest by Democrats for an income tax includes a well-oiled letter to the editor machine from the usual tax-and-spend groupies.

I spotted one such LTE in today's Concord Monitor. It was by former New York educator, Stuart Huggard, who moved into my home town of Deering ten years ago.

Stewie wants more money for schools!

But the solution for all the funding problems with education (as in more, more, and more) are right at Stewie's “front door” so to speak.

You see, “portfolio voter” Stewie Huggard has a beautiful colonial home newly-assessed by Avatar at $312,200.00. With a Deering tax rate of about $19.00 per thousand Stewie pays about $5,700 per year in property taxes which for the most part go to Hillsboro/Deering Cooperative.

But the rub is Stewie, as of today, has his home up for sale for $579,000. The same day his pro-income tax LTE hit the papers.

What a coincidence! Stewie could easily walk up to the Deering town office located right across the street from his abode and ask that the assessed value of his home be brought into line with reality! (no, Stewie shills for an income tax in letters to the editor.)

So Stewie and his wife, both former NY educators if I remember correctly, have about $250,000 in unassessed/untaxed equity in Deering! That means we could put at least $4,700 more money into Hillsboro/Deering to do wonderful things with if they helped out by paying the minimum of their fair share. Its for the children you know.

We have in Deering a well-worn path for Stewie and his Mrs. to follow.

Just a year ago, two former Alabama educators, named Winokur, who moved to Deering several years before Stewie, sold their lovely colonial for $966,000. Not bad. This was of course after listing it for $1.2 million.

Surprise! The Winokur estate was just assessed by Avatar at $671,200 for a difference of just $295,000 in its sale price. If we could have closed in on that Avatar assessment just a wee bit and picked up in taxes at least a quarter million dollar difference there would have been another $4,700 in educator money going “to the children.”

Not for sale yet - but who knows. Another lovely fourteen room colonial owned by a retired educator from Nashua.

This exquisite Deering property is located on 95 acres with wonderful views and is assessed by Avatar for $331,500. Just down the road from this palace is another listed for over one million dollars. Stewie's place and that one can be seen at www.heidipalmer.com real estate. Just click on Deering.

So do we need an income tax on top of the property tax? Or do we have a bunch of “portfolio voters” in full tax and spend mode voting for every single bond proposal they think will enhance their property values before they get out of town with their loot?

Why not have a legitimate property tax instead of another one piled on top of taxpayers?

Its for the children – of the people who live in modest homes who pay much of the taxes now and will not be able hide their income like portfolio voters certainly will.