Pig In A Poke, Hogs At The Trough, Sheep To Slaughter

Federal Real I.D. legislation in a nutshell is all of the above it seems to me.

The Real I.D. regulations from Congress are not written completely and the specifications of what a Real I.D. license would look like are not laid out.

But we are getting “FREE” money from the Feds for the program, three million for now, although estimates of how much it will cost all together can not be pinned down. All we have to do is - take the money. (Does aluminum siding come with that?)

And any chance of this becoming a national I.D. Card with an electronic tracking chip included are supposedly non-existent although such chips are now being put in all US passports!

So when you look at it there is no such thing as “real” Real I.D. because it does not exist in any coherent form. It is a potential boondoggle that will strip away NH citizen's privacy if left on the course it is headed now.

I have no clue why Sens. Barnes and Clegg support it. They have always in the past been suspicious of schemes like this.

When the Federal Government has a complete description of what Real I.D. will entail come back and see us. Until then -