Moon-bat Professors On Parade, Plus, How To Steal An Election

The University of New Hampshire is as always neck deep in our election process. From lending a $110,000.00 UNH employee “volunteer” campaign worker, Ned Helms, to Lynch during and after his election, to getting out the out-of-state vote.

We have a parade of present and past moon-bat UNH professors ranging from Professor Billy-Bob Woodward who is currently closing in on proving President Bush engineered 911, to Professor David Watt.

The recent arrest of Professor David Watt, allegedly for trolling for young children on the inter-net, also brings up the credibility of some the teaching staff still there. (Watt was practicing his alleged activity in Hillsborough County not his county of Strafford own where prosecutions of public employees are slim to none so he may just be in real trouble.)

This brings us to former UNH professor and now former Gallup pollster, David Moore.

After faking his way through being a professor, then faking his way through being an objective pollster, “Smiling Dave” now fancies himself an author. He even wrote a new book titled: "How to Steal an Election". Look for it in today's Concord paper.

I have just reviewed part of excerpts from bits and pieces scattered here and there. Moore's conspiricy theory goes something like this: Elvis impersonators took CNN reporters hostage aboard an alien spacecraft and through water-boarding, forced them, in direct violation of the Geneva Convention, to call the Florida election in 2000 for Gore, then Bush, then Spartacus, then back to Bush.

So in an effort to show my blog buddies an example of a much simpler way to steal an election I offer a copy of one of many letters from non-resident UNH students during the 2000 election here in NH, coincidently on “Smiling Dave's” own turf, UNH.

I must also mention that it is a lot more conceivable that the NH State Senate was altered and fell into Democrat hands by the non-resident college vote in 2000 than President Bush planning 911 or stealing any national election.

I would love all the attention focused on several Florida districts back then to be directed to the still existing voter checklists from 2000. Let's see how many college voters became, or ever were, NH residents.

Click to see this letter (linked). It is but one of those drafted by non-resident students who were caught voting in NH in 2000. This non-resident voter asked to be taken off the list after voting. No prosecution as usual. But a NH voter still lost out for each illegal vote cast.

What is funny is how all of a sudden in one single year we get a batch of these letters after the AG's office “investigates”.

There is a mystery for ya!