Ballot Zealot

 Here is a proposal now that a consistently inconsistent Superior Court Judge has thrown out the latest ballot scheme.

First, we ought to tell the latest judge and the State Supremes go take a hike. Our NH ballot passes federal muster - been to court - done that already.Since no one in the legislature has the testosterone to play hard ball politics like the court is doing how about common some sense.

This week a tied House seat election was decided by a roll of the dice. If we can do that AFTER and election why not simply have a point in time right after the closing date for signing up to run for office and simply draw numbers.

Example: 9 seat district – nine numbers in a hat.

Each candidate or an appointee, or even a person selected at random pulls the numbers. You get on the ballot low to high.

Only 7 people sign up before the closing of the sign-up period – they go in mathematical order low to high. You get signed up AFTER the closing date you go LAST in order of when your late ass showed up. You get appointed by your party to fill an empty spot on the ballot your lateness is reflected in your lack of interest in signing up on time. Fair?


How was it ever fair that a person appointed by their party after the closing date who had a name that started with the letter A ever wound up first on a ballot if you even believe being first is an advantage – which I do not.

Or we could have some real fun and place people on the ballot in the order of when they signed up. 


What a concept! More truth about what you really intend.