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Its not even October yet and the surprises just keep on coming.

In Virginia, BOTH candidates for US Senate have last minute charges of racism leveled against them by “friends” from college. Each guy is accused of saying the n.... word 30 years ago! Even O.J. Simpson is shocked.

And our old pal Rep. Murtha from Pa. Is being subjected to some newly released ABSCAM video tapes (8 millimeter back then I guess) showing quite clearly he was up for a $50,000 bribe from an FBI agent posing as an Arab with “walking around” money for congressmen.

This makes Louisiana Democrat Rep. William Jefferson who currently sits on the House Ways and Means Committee look like a cheap buy. He only took $100,000.00 in marked bills last year from FBI agents in a “phones for Africa” scam.

Adjusted for inflation, Jefferson, compared to Murtha, stooped pretty low for some pocket change. His reward for stealing so little is that it looks like he will be re-elected easily. You have to balance these situations against each other - sort of like grading on a curve.

Here in NH we have the front page news and quarter page editorials about Tad Furtado, Congressman Charlie Bass's right hand man and inter-net guru.

Tad was bringing down a hundred grand a year I hear working for Congressman Bass until he was exposed in one of the single most shocking dirty tricks campaigns in NH history. Congressional Candidate Paul Hodes, Bass's opponent has called for an investigation!! (Just like Hodes's Iraq Plan press conference Wednesday – yawn.)

There is no other way to do this except to just say it out loud.

Tad was posing as a liberal on several liberal web sites under an assumed, anonymous, fake name, in defiance of all that truth and justice stand for.

Some of my conservative friends asked if Tad wasn't in fact a real live liberal himself if he was indeed working for Bass. Once again you have to grade on a curve.

Tad might be a moderate or even liberal Republican but that is no where near being a moon-bat lefty blogger. So he probably is guilty of faking it while posing as a nut on liberal blog sites.

So what do the Democrat Party and their news media pals do when the “scandal” of a staffer using a fake name to post blogs on a site or two no one ever reads is exposed?

Demand his resignation and tut-tut about it in editorials. Is that the smart,  or knee-jerk reaction?

If my political opponent was paying a staffer $100 grand a year and he was sitting around writing silly emails to some obscure left wing blog site I would keep my mouth shut and pray they don't take the same payroll and hire someone with Lee Atwater or Karl Rove instincts.

Are you listening Charlie?