Great Minds Think Alike


Currently, Iran is having a “Holocaust Cartoon Competition.” We here in NH have a similar situation with one Billy-Bob Woodward a tenured professor, Quaker, liberal, bla, bla ,bla, at The University of New Hampshire regarding his “Bush had something to do with 911” opinion draped as a lecture or some such non-sense about who knew what and when.

These issues are similar in so many ways:

  1. Both are meant to rhetorically stab a red hot poker in the face of an opponent.

  2. Both are being done from an eminently “safe distance” from anyone who could reasonably poke back.

  3. Each “safe distance”is an isolated world unto itself.

  4. Neither party doing the poking has to worry about where their next meal is coming from, as the nutty professor and the nutty Islamo-fascist are flush with cash generated from very little heavy lifting on their own part. One drills through sand, the other drills taxpayers.

“Professor” Billy-Bob Woodward will have his enlightened defenders of free speech here to support him as much as the Iranian ego-maniac will have his enraged supporters over there. You know the type. The same old gang that wants to kill all the Jews every world war or two.

One detail that I spotted in the papers and attributed to Billy-Bob was that all he asked his students to do was write down which side of the argument they came down on. Or in other words “out” themselves politically.

So do you as a student fake your political point of view to keep the nutty professor from dreaming up a conspiracy about your grades or do you let it all hang out and call the guy on this particular abuse of his position.

That decision isn't exactly academic. Its more like personal survival.