Rude and Transparent


Dover City Councilor Dave Scott Wins Again!

But you wouldn't know it by the cover-up story in Fosters Daily by wanna-be muckraker and junior journalist Jeremiah Rood.

The August 31, 2006 article goes like this: “Dover unveils big books containing salary, employee information”.

Well not quite. This fantasy story goes on for about a dozen or so paragraphs designed to lure the unsuspecting reader into thinking the city manager and mayor have created some wonderful way in which to inform the public of how much Dover city employees make by releasing several large binders full of public records.

Well not quite. The powers that be in Dover City Hall seem to have loaded the unique salary books with a city manager generated list of “questions and answers” following the “introduction” when in fact all the city needs do is just release the documents like RSA 91-A requires and all other municipalities have done for years.

I figure Dover residents are smart enough to glean from regular records that for example the police chief got a $3.2 million dollar ten year contract from the outgoing (in a hurry) city manager Paul Beecher before he exited to Kingman Arizona. (He exited Kansas City for NH under similar circumstances.)

Dover residents are smart enough to understand that the sweetheart deal was between the then city manager and police chief and was not brought before the city council for vote as per the city charter.

It should be apparent by now that Dover residents were smart enough to elect Dave Scott - who sued the city in the first place for their refusal to provide salary information to the Dover public - to the City Council after he won his case in Superior Court.

And I hope that when Dover voters read “Junior Jeremiah's” cover-up story all the way to the end and see that this whole “public information bonanza” was put together without Dover City Councilor Dave Scott's knowledge they will realize it is time to change the city manager again and get themselves a new mayor while they are at it.