Apparently Its Not Beneath Me To Say "I Told You So"

 (Here is a re-print of an article I wrote in October of 2005 when I was a cub blogger)


Oh Dear, Scooter's Indicted And The World Stands Still

Only in Washington could Scooter Libbey's  indictment on charges of lying to some members of the press and one sloppy prosecutor be considered a victory for the left. If this is what the Dems. are running on they better get fresh paddles for bleep creek.

Columnist Jim Pinkerton in a recent piece exposed what has got to be one of the most heartening facts involving this CIA non-leak scandal besides Ambassador Wilson being a lying drama queen of epic proportions.

Mr. Scooter, before he became an adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, was a lawyer for Marc Rich, as in very very rich!Remember Marc?

Marc Rich was, and still is, the Iraq oil for food billionaire former President William Rodham Clinton pardoned in the last days of his administration as he and Princess Hillary were crating up the White House furniture.

As a conservative I am now in hog heaven. I just finished a book recently on Rich's life up to early 2000. International metals and oil trader Marc Rich is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid US income taxes an for a sizable chunk of our current gasoline prices.

So what's it gonna be boys, hard time for Scooter or a pardon like the one his boss Marc got as his wife Denise shoveled almost a half million into the Clinton coffers. Either way I am left with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Let's have a trial, time it for the 2006 races, put Joe Wilson on the stand and ask these questions:

  1. Remember Mr. Wilson you are under oath. Have you ever told anyone other than immediate family that your wife was a covert CIA agent?

  2. Wasn't the March 8, 2002 intelligence report on your excursion to Niger written so as to protect your identity as per an agreement with the DOI?

  3. How did you come to see classified US Intelligence documents you described to reporters upon your return from Niger.

  4. Mr. Wilson, didn't former Nigerian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mayaki tell you on or about Feb. 27, 2002 that he had been approached 18 months before your visit by an Iraqi delegation, one of who's purposes was to buy yellow-cake uranium?

  5. Isn't it true Mr. Wilson that on February 18, 2002 there was reported a 1000 ton difference between what the French mining consortium's in Niger report they mined and what the government of Niger reports it sold?

  6. Is the the following statement from the DOI report filed after your fact-finding trip a truthful reflection of what occurred on your trip to Niger: “On February 26, 2002, the former ambassador arrived in Niger. He told Committee staff that he first met with Ambassador Owens-Kirkpatrick to discuss his upcoming meetings. Ambassador Owens-Kirkpatrick asked him not to meet with current Nigerian officials because she believed it might complicate her continuing diplomatic efforts with them on the uranium issue. The former ambassador agreed to restrict his meetings to former officials and the private sector.”

  7. Mr. Wilson, didn't you really cook up a scheme to travel to Niger with the use of your wife's position as an analyst with the CIA to discredit the Bush Administration, and didn't you conspire with your wife to lie about what you found?

So Democrats. Please make this Wilson character and Scooter your poster boys for a Hillary for President campaign.