So far, the media and the liberals in the Democrat party have played their hand well during the Buckley-gate scandal.

Rep. Steve Vaillancourt is in the process of being demonized for not having “solid proof” of Democrat party star, Ray Buckley, having kiddie porn. He is now on media-trial for engaging in what is being portrayed as phony a political hit. (Do THEY have any solid evidence this is a phony story?)

This helps avoid the tough question which is: What in the heck was the Governor thinking calling the Democrat Party to tip them off to a criminal investigation of their newly knighted heir to the Party throne?

The Democrats and the media are in a fix.

How to do a good, thorough, smear-job on Vaillancourt for writing the letter about Ray Buckley, while not dragging the issue out in the papers too long.

Releasing the original letter by Vaillancourt late Friday was logical.

The only trump card the Dems have left to play beside that old trick is standard operating procedure.

Get a few “prominent” Republicans to denounce Steve Vaillancourt.

I will be happy when the Buckley/Vaillancourt part of this story is over and we go from the “low level break-in - to the obstruction of justice” phase of the story.

There are only 50 Governors in the US and we get one who tips possible offenders off that the cops are coming during a kiddie-porn raid.