Voter Mood Check

Zoning Takes A Boning In Orford
Chalk one up for the mood and smarts of the voters in this town. CNHT got a call for help from a taxpayer in Orford regarding a Special Meeting (thought we stopped them in the late 90's, well they are back) to ADOPT zoning BY PETITION, RSA 674:4-a.
This would be so necessary as to need a Special Meeting just weeks before the annual meeting says the Orford selectmen. And they had a citizens petition to get the deed done. Except the petition got REWORDED by the town attorney to ADOPT zoning  from its STATED PURPOSE which was only to DISCUSS zoning.
So we have a law that says Emergency Zoning can only bve adopted by a request of the palnning board or by citizen petition. Orford had a petition but NOT to adopt it.
Simple! Change the wording on the petition says Orford.
The Orford Taxpayer, and CNHT member, went to court with our help in drafting a petition. He presented the state statute and facts. He even had names of people who signed the petiuon who said they did so only becasue it was to discuss not adopt.  
We LOST! So this proves how alluring zoning is to judges.
What I mean is: If it wasn't for divorce and zoning what would lawyers do? And why would we need so many judges?
Here is the heartwarming part:
The Special Meeting was held this week a day after the last day you can legally hold such a meeting, and over one hundred people showed up and voted for zoning under the unlawful petition supported by the court.
But just under three hundred voted against it!
I hope all the progressive new members of the Legislature are not paying attention to events on the ground in NH.
Just like the Republicans who forgot Republican principals did in the past.