Every Friday Tells A Story Don't It

Is it me? Or is there something strange about Uber-Democrat, Ray Buckley, and the pending kiddie porn allegation cover-up/investigation?

Help me out here with this time-line.

New “anonymous” (gee I wonder why) allegations about sex and Buckley surface in another letter (that's two letters so far without any video tape popping up) late FRIDAY, Jan. 19, after the “news” has gone home for the weekend. This is about right. It was Friday evening the resignation of Buckley for Party Chair hit the news then a Friday when the Vaillancourt letter hit the public arena.

The day before this Friday's Buckley bad news, in his wildly popular and like totally incisive political etchings, Uber-Reporter John Distaso, (d) Union Leader, doesn't mention the newest letter about Buckley and (gulp) sex.

In fact, he who wrote about phone jamming when there was no news about phone jamming to write, failed to mention the Buckley/kiddie porn allegation scandal at all. He must have forgotten to mention even the minor detail regarding Governor Lynch's bizarre tip-off to the Democrat party in his most noteworthy Thursday column.

Ah, but here we are on SATURDAY when few people get the once readable Manchester Paper and Buckley makes the front page.

So between Thursday – nothing, and Saturday – something, we squeezed in another allegation of scandal. Boy that was quick. I thought we had the whole thing wrapped up and ready to drop in the grave.

Google stopped featuring Buckley news on Jan. 14, so Buckley got a free week from bad press. Now this hits.

I hope it is all wrapped up by Monday the 22nd.

Or will next Friday afternoon bring more bad news?

It's probably all a big coincidence.