I Know I Should, I Think I Should, Because I Could

Three good reasons to get rid of Safety Commissioner Richard Flynn - according to NH Governor Lynch. Which is about all he has for reasons.

I have had one dealing with Mr. Flynn and I would call it the most reasonable action regarding a crappy situation, perpetuated by self-serving town officials abusing their position I can think of. The story is too long and convoluted to do justice here but to peak your interest it involved a road agent who built a cabin on an island 40 feet by 60 feet.

The island was 40 feet by 60 feet!

So when the road agent was caught he put a canoe license on the building and declared it so. In Deering, this is typical. But this is where Dick Flynn became involved.

I would like to put it this way.

Commissioner Flynn is in a position of authority where being almost immune from intimidation such as non-reappointment, and no aspirations of higher office (unlike our AG) he can make decisions based on what he thinks is best for NH citizens.

I was impressed with his frank, tough, action. It was not what I would have done but he was fair. Unlike many public officials I deal with.

I shudder to think of whom Governor Lynch wants to appoint to something next. The last thing we need is a political hack in this slot now.

After Governor Lynch's mishandling of the Ray Buckley kiddie porn allegations which should have reported to the State Police, not the Democrat Party. He should leave this appointment alone and not drag the Executive Council into it..

(But then again, another part of me says, “Go for it Gov”.)