John Cox Visits WLMW

Got a chance Wednesday to interview Presidential Candidate, John Cox, on WLMW 90.7 FM, our NH Taxpayer Radio program.

We did a live one hour broadcast today at 3 pm and recorded it on DAT and CD for replay at our normal broadcast time of 6-8 pm on Thursday nights - going on almost five years now.

Our NH Taxpayer radio program is two hours long with one five minute news break for American Family Radio News at the top of the second hour. This leaves a lot of time to talk with any person appearing on our show.

Candidate John Cox is a good fit for our station as well as a well-rounded candidate for President here in our New Hampshire Primary.

A short description of John Cox:

Republican from Illinois but NOT a Washington insider.

Successful businessman with accountant experience.  So he has actually met a payroll, dealt with the IRS, manufacturing regulations, employee insurance, etc. These would be activities that quickly reveal how oppressive government can be to business owners.

John Cox served on a parochial school board, and was president of the board for some time  - when he was 27. This has certainly instilled in him the need for choice in education as well as a healthy suspicion of any Federal involvement in education.

100% pro-life.

He believes we should protect our borders by effective means such as enforcing laws regarding hiring illegal aliens. A series of fences in high traffic areas to deter illegal immigration. All borders should be protected as well, not just the southern border.

A continued war on terror with effective economic sanctions and military as a last resort.

John Cox describes himself as a Reagan Republican.

He has opened an office right over the Merrimack Restaurant in Manchester.

Wait! Wasn't that the HQ of Pat Buchanan?

As a conservative I was pleased with all his answers and positions. But this point he made stuck out the most.

When I asked him how as an outsider he would cope with the Washington Establishment he said he would make his case to the people.

Can't go wrong there.

Welcome to the NH Primary John Cox.