Hot Air Buffoons

An Arlington, Va.-based information technology consulting firm, CACI, has won the right in a bankruptcy court to sue Progressive talk show “host” Randi Rhodes, Air America, and Air America's parent company, Piquant LLC for defamation.

A CACI subsidiary company provided civilian interrogators to the U.S. military in Iraq. They provided assistance in interrogating prisoners at Abu Grhaib Prison.

CACI is suing for $1 million in compensatory and $10 million in punitive damages. Air America is trying to persuade the Court that their insurance company will take care of it.

I don't think the suit is “fair”.

Randi Rhodes and the rest of the comedians at Air America are just Progressive entertainers. They don't really know anything about issues, the law, history etc. They are just trying to demonize their political opponents.

This is no different than suing a middle school newspaper for some slight.

Just because Randi Rhodes said the CACI contractors were raping and torturing prisoners doesn't mean anyone but liberals who already WANT believe that claim because it makes them FEEL good would be swayed.

I know lots of liberals. They constantly say things just to make themselves and other liberals feel good and to get under the skin conservatives stupid enough to debate them. If you just listen to them for a while the pattern reveals itself.

Air America was nothing more than a humorless echo chamber of sporadically vented hate and progressive propaganda.

Let them alone, as the MSM is doing today, and hope another investor comes up with the cash to keep them “airborne”.