Belt Buckley


I would urge my conservative friends to not take too much stock in the current troubles of every liberal Democrat's-Democrat, Ray Buckley of Manchester.

He has been turned into the Manchester Police by the NH AG's Office regarding a letter given to Governor Lynch about some kiddie pornography charge. An “investigation” has ensued.

Big deal.

Our AG's Office is not what you would call non-partisan. The Manchester Police are as politically motivated as any. And Buckley has now reached what in liberal/progressive land is the most supreme of all achievements: he is now a “victim”.

The Manchester Police would not prosecute a South Dakota non-resident campaign thug living with the FORMER Democrat Party Chair for stealing campaign signs as well as illegally voting in Manchester. The message: Its OK.

The AG's Office, next in line by law, would not take up that simple task but were more than happy to make a ruling favorable to the Town of Bedford to extort-by-zoning $5,000 in sign violations from a taxpayer group there several years ago. The message: Live with it.

I have been through this for years with the AG's Office and police in NH. Let's just admit it. The chances of an actual trial or even conviction when liberal politics are involved are minuscule.

Its not like a phone jamming prank elevated to a Federal crime because of who did it. This is just a simple matter of portraying the actions of Ray Buckley as the personal life of a liberal Democrat.

His friends will support him - forever.


Because the ACCUSER will be portrayed as the bad guy. Always is in a case like this. Just read the headlines in the various papers. The person who turned Buckley in is being described as “controversial.” And Buckley isn't?

Here where I live we had a convicted, unrepentant, Vermont, sado-masochistic child molester, George Chase, move into the area under a fake name and start a weekly newspaper. When it was discovered he did not register as a sex offender under his real name, George Maidrand, did he go serve the rest of his sentence? No way!

His paper supported the new school construction bond, any school spending, any town spending. He was a big time supporter of a progressive community. Still is - and progressives in town love him for it. They had no Rah-Rah Happy paper until he showed up.

As we shift more power and money to Concord this is what we will deal with. NH is undergoing the same change many of our neighboring states have with an influx of liberal/progressive portfolio voters who measure progress by how fast they can drive locals out of town and conservatives, with all that moral baggage, out of office.

Lets call it like it is please. We have a double standard of justice in NH and it is metered out to favor people in positions such as Buckley holds.

I hope I am wrong but bet I am not.