Ethics Schmethics

Democrat Ethics NH Can Learn From

Gaze longingly down south folks and see what true Democrat control of a state can bring to New Hampshire.

I offer you the case of former House Speaker Tom Finneran who just pled guilty to obstruction of justice and lying in a voting rights case.

Mister Speaker was involved in - get this, diluting the voting power of minorities in a gerrymandering scheme. To hear progressives tell it conservatives are the racists. This slanderous chant is one of their most popular campaign tactics – along with their newfound concern with “ethics”.

Anyway, Mister Speaker got what he deserved in Federal Court. He was punished like the lying, racist, crooked, liberal politician he is. I am using the term racist in this case as someone who or a party that tries to gerrymander a particular race out of any chance of successful political participation.

Finneran will serve FIVE YEARS OF UNSUPERVISED PROBATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will certainly teach him a lesson.

Out of his half million dollar per year salary from the Massachusetts Biotech Council he will be forced to fork over TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLERS. Man what a setback!!!

Oh and he has promised not to run for office for FIVE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets roll this over the tung again. A convicted felon who tried to keep minorities from winning elections promises not to run for office again for five years. Can you say life-long liberal Massachusetts Democrat.

My guess he will run again and win with a 60% margin just like most liberal/progressive Democrat crooks do on a regular basis. (Did you notice the standing ovation Rep. William Jefferson got from Democrats in Washington this week? He was all smiles.)

Finneran is quoted as saying he embarrassed himself, shamed himself, and his family. Yea, he got caught!

I remember campaigning for Bob Smith in Goffstown in front of the Bartlett Elementary School with a whole bunch of Gov. Shaheen supporters – from Boston.

One Shaheen campaign thug was desperate to get into an argument with me. But I try to adhere to the Winston Churchill notion: “Never argue with the monkey when you can talk to the organ grinder” so he did all the talking/bragged about how Tom Finneran bought the Shaheen the signs he and his friends were holding. He was even more smug when I told him I didn't know who this “Finneran” guy was.

Get ready. More liberal Democrat ethics are coming our way. As evidence I can point to a recent quote from NH Progressive Rep. Carol Shea-Porter-Swett.

When Senator Joe Biden visited Carol's office last week, according to the NY Times she had this to say:

When Shea-Porter finally arrived, Biden fell to one knee before her. “I don’t need that,” she laughed. “All I need is a big fat donation to my re-election campaign.”

How fast they learn.