NH Too INsider?

What? I have to do this by myself?

Ok. Here goes.

Several years ago I was in Best Buy in Manchester's Mall of New Hampshire getting my computer looked at at the Geek Counter. I think we have all been lowered to that point at one time or another. If not, count yourself lucky.

I assume everyone who has been there can agree it is about 50 feet in a straight line from the Geek Counter where I was standing to the entrance/exit door of Best Buy.

So standing with about seven or eight other people looking at the pile of dismembered PCs I hear a voice to my right and turn to see Ray Buckley offering a vanilla soft serve ice cream cone to a young man working (or should I say trapped) at the minimum wage “Hello welcome to/thank you for shopping Best Buy” part of the entrance/exit.

Mr. Buckley had just announced in a voice loud enough for me and everyone in that part of the store to hear him say to the young man, “It's vanilla, wanna lick?”.

I turned to the assembled group at the counter standing with me and said “That would be your Manchester State Representative.” Most looked disgusted because:

To many people an overweight, grown man offering a pre-licked ice cream cone to a young man working at a mall as a greeter is, to say the least, offensive and rude – definitely not funny or “cute”.

When a State Representative and someone who is the face of a political party does so, in what could best be described as a “girlish” manner, it is more than that. It is reckless, stupid, and a good indication there is a problem with that person which will sooner or later boil over.

Am I wrong?

I should state that I have related this story to various people over the years whenever Buckley stories crop up. Because it is true and serves a purpose.

We all make a public spectacle of ourselves once in a while. I will grant that. For instance I have my own little “problem” to deal with.

Whenever I see George Maidrand, aka, George Chase, the convicted sado-masochistic child molester from the Hillsboro area I blurt out in a booming voice things like, “Hey it's the child molester from Hillsboro”. Can't help it. It just happens.

I have done it in Claremont at BJ Brickers Restaurant when he was sitting in a booth next to me and once at the Dodge dealership in Concord. George helps me out by ducking and running, making him look even more suspicious.

Its just a small quirk I have the two of us are learning to live with.