Buckley-gate: Lets Show Some Restraint

Calls for restraint are flowing in regarding Buckley-gate and it is only fair to heed them. After all, an accusation is just that- an accusation until all the evidence can be examined and fashioned into an excuse for not prosecuting.

So I reached back in time and gathered some examples of restraint during a past administration. Guess what Party website these samples are from.

 Sullivan Calls on Executive Council to Demand Answers from Craig Benson on Reported Efforts to Influence Attorney General’s Pepin Report

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan today called for the Executive Council to conduct its own inquiry into Governor Craig Benson’s alleged efforts to influence the Attorney General’s official report on the Linda Pepin investigation, and into the possibility that Heed’s forced resignation was retaliatory.

“What did Craig Benson ask the Attorney General to put in the report?

Was he trying to protect his “volunteer” and former employee Linda Pepin?

When the Attorney General refused, what did Craig Benson do?

Is the apparently forced resignation by Peter Heed related to his refusal to permit Benson to influence the report?

Is Heed being forced out because Heed recommended that Benson’s friend and former employee Joe D’Alessandro be removed as personnel director?

Before the Executive Council accepts Heed’s resignation or approves the Ayotte nomination, the Council has an obligation to the people of New Hampshire to demand answers.” Sullivan said. Posted: 6/22/2004

Benson’s Own Record Demands Explanation

Governor Hides Behind Tough Talk, but Record Against Women is Clear

Governor Craig Benson owes the people of New Hampshire an explanation for his own record of discrimination against women while he tries to hide that record behind tough talk and the resignation of Attorney General Peter Heed.

In light of Attorney General Peter Heed’s resignation over sexual harassment charges, Gov. Craig Benson needs to explain his own – far worse record – on women and sexual discrimination. Posted: 6/18/2004

Attorney General Should Re-Open Linda Pepin Investigation

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Kathy Sullivan today called on Attorney General Peter Heed to reopen the investigation into Linda Pepin and Joe D’Alessandro, and to appoint an independent counsel to lead the investigation.

“The revelations from the Department of Insurance’s investigation – including the deliberate attempts by Gov. Benson’s aide Linda Pepin and his personnel director Joe D’Alessandro to conceal their wrongdoing – makes it clear that the Attorney General’s investigation did not dig deep enough,” Sullivan said. “Linda Pepin walked away with $187,000 in taxpayer money, and the consequences of her actions are still reverberating. The Attorney General should reopen its investigation, and appoint an independent attorney to lead it.” Posted: 6/14/2004

Governor Must Release Information on Volunteers

NHDP Wins Right-to-Know Case

A Merrimack County Superior Court Judge has ruled in favor of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, ordering Gov. Craig Benson to release a list of the names and duties of the so-called volunteers who have served in his administration, and almost all communications written or received by two of those “volunteer” aides, Ray Marshall and Linda Pepin.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party filed the right-to-know request in November 2003. The Concord Monitor had earlier requested similar information.

“Citizens should not have to go to court to get basic information about who is running their government,” said Kathy Sullivan, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “While we are obviously pleased, it is sad that Gov. Benson has so stonewalled the public that it took more than a year, and a court case, to get this most basic information.

“This is the most secretive and unaccountable administration in New Hampshire history. We hope that Governor will now finally stop stonewalling and release this basic information,” Sullivan said. “The Governor should release this information, and also require his volunteers to release information about their outside business interests. As we have already seen with the Linda Pepin case, those interests can have a direct influence on how the people’s business is conducted.”

Pepin, a Benson volunteer aide and former Cabletron employee, colluded with former Personnel Director Joe D’Alessandro (also a former Cabletron employee) to improperly collect $187,000 in state health insurance brokers’ fees. Posted: 6/4/2004


Let's see how many serious questions about who knew what and when crop up from the ancient NH media.


What did the Governor do with an accusation of kiddie porn?

Who else did he share it with?

When did Buckley get wind of it? Before or after the police contacted him. If they did.

How did so many Democrat leaders know what was in the letter so they could denounce it.

What did they know and when did they know it?