Dennis Kucinich For President

As registered Democrat I personally endorse Dennis Kucinich for President. He has a progressive plan to put America on a solid liberal track.

Dennis Kucinich’s plans for a renewed progressive America include Universal Health Care as almost all of the socialist countries in the world currently operate under. He will bring us more in line with Europe and Asia like liberals have only dreamed of in the past. Now with a Democrat House and Senate it will be a reality.

The other top Democrat candidates Edwards, Obama, and Clinton all pander to Republicans with vague promises to have our troops out of Iraq no sooner than 20013. Dennis Kucinich will remove the troops from Iraq the day after he is elected building credibility again with the rest of the world.

Dennis Kucinich will have the instant respect of the rest of the world when he brings all of our troops home the day after he is elected. Only this will give him the clear advantage in international affairs. Dennis Kucinich will stand alone among all previous Presidents and current candidates in this respect.

When Dennis Kucinich is elected President all Americans will finally understand the direction a true progressive liberal administration will deliver.
Dennis Kucinich can hit the ground running. He has no baggage, no strings attached. He is ready to lead unlike any other candidate.

I have known for a long time that Dennis Kucinich is the Democrat candidate I want on the ballot in 2008. I’ve talked personally with many of the candidates and find that Dennis Kucinich is the single most believable progressive Democrat out there. His word is his bond and I believe he means what he says. That is refreshing among this current crop of candidates.

If had to vote today for a Democrat in the Primary it would be Dennis Kucinich.