What's Happend To The In Your Face Crowd?

Just a small observation from a hick who has stumbled through NH politics for a while.

I drive into Concord, NH (La-La-Land of NH lefties), and in very few places or on very few vehicles do I see Hillary bumper stickers or signs?

She has this primary thing sewn up. Admit it. This Democrat primary is nothing more than a formality. I understand she wants to spend money where it counts so I expect not to see any 4×8’s.

So why no car bumper chest beating from her many loyal fans? How’s about a lousy bumper sticker on your Prius for goodness sakes? Is that too much to ask, people?

We have liberals with Kerry/Edwards stickers still on their Volvos but Hilary can’t muster more than one or two bumper stickers in downtown Concord? And to top it off, the most recent one of only two I have seen was on Park and North Main St. – ground zero for moonbats.

And while I am at it - all the “Stop This War” type bumper stickers, will the libs keep them on their cars until 2013 if “Her Highness” wins the presidency?

Supreme Allied Commander Clinton is hedging her bets on pulling troops out of “the war” before 2013.

At least that is what she says.

This is one aspect of liberal behavior in this race that eludes me – overwhelming Clinton support no one wants to show in public.

Do I have to print the Clinton/Lynch stickers myself?