Mayor Guinta - Stay With A Winner

Maybe I'm confused.

Mayor Frank Guinta is up for re-election after serving two years as Mayor of Manchester. Easy enough to understand.

His opponent is an attorney who was on the Manchester School Board. One of his main campaign themes is a promise to make education better.

Mayor Frank is already working on that, just like he is at reducing crime - down a considerable sum, and cutting taxes - which he has done as promised in his first campaign.

Now the Mayor's opponent thinks Mayor Guinta is weak on education?

Then how, two years ago, did Mayor Guinta give such a shellacking to "Mayor For Life" Bob Baines the former school teacher? If anyone is "pro-education" you would think it was Bob Baines.

I think former Mayor Baine's idea of pro-education was simply throwing more money at it. The voters probably picked up on that as well.

So the reason Manchester voters should jump on board another tax and spend platform with Attorney Donovan is...

There isn't one.