Bhutto Bhutts In

Beware foreign entanglements. Yea, right!

Every day in the liberal mainstream media I see a new, stronger, push towards “restoring democracy in Pakistan” by ousting President Musharraf.

And with whom are we foreign experts going to replace him with, since it is now our job to meddle in Pakistan politics?

The lady with the headscarf, Benazir Bhutto looks like a pleasant lady, and she is calling for Musharraf to resign. Lucky us! Just in time.

Here are the pros for Benazir:

She has been deposed from office in Pakistan for corruption – twice.
Benazir has a degree from Harvard – and that proves she can do what?
She was a supporter of the Taliban back in their prime.
Her party, the PPP, is socialist – a big bonus with elites worldwide.

I say we make the switch from Musharraf to the Bhutto gang ASAP. Pakistan can stand another looting by the Bhutto family.

And besides, what’s the down side?