The Charter They Come The Harder They Fall - One And All

This how a MUNICIPAL CHARTER works! (This one happens to be in Newmarket,NH)

Section 1.2. Form of Government._The administration of the fiscal, prudential, municipal, and other affairs of the Town, with the governance thereof, shall be vested in a Town Council, shall be directed by a Town Administrator, and shall consist of the various departments of the Town as established by this Charter and from time to time by the Town Council. Except as expressly authorized by this Charter, no Councilor shall participate in the conduct of the administrative affairs of the Town. (Effective 1990)

I like the part about how no (elected) Councilor shall participate in the conduct of the administrative affairs of the town. It says so much without being “wordy”, if you know what I mean.

What you have in Newmarket, NH is administration by experts, not the lowly taxpayers through a traditional Town Meeting form of government or even by the elected Councilors for that matter. Pro’s handle the real heavy lifting.

Even “affairs” have been covered in this simple language.

And it looks like someone has been doing some “lifting” in Newmarket since there are several thousand items the forensic audit, done by an out of state firm, has found.

As usual in NH the people responsible for the, what appears to be theft of town funds, have left for greener pastures. I warned Kingman, Arizona already.

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers opposes municipal charters most of the time because local government means just that. Charters on the other hand bring “elite, professional” government by hot-shot administrators and more often than not, sleepy, well connected, do as you are told, councilmen.

As usual the local papers are not knocking down doors looking for info on this most recent municipal scandal. No real facts are coming to light except the six week body makeover paid for with a town credit card. They are hoping this single subject will be found not to be true then the whole audit can be discredited then ignored and we can all move on.

I credit the anonymous 136 taxpayers in Newmarket who petitioned to have the audit in the first place.

They are the heroes of the story - and the Town.

Here is a suggestion to them:

Amend or get rid of the Charter!!!!