Would This make You More Or Less Likely...

Lucky me.

I got push polled last night in that 20 minute long disaster of a “poll” that is in the news.

The voice had an accent – Indian, Middle Eastern, something like that. I was asked if I was a voter and did I plan to vote in the next election. He asked if I was a registered Republican.

He started out asking about Huckabee, Romney, and McCain and I remember NO mention of Thomson, Hunter, Tancredo or Ron Paul.

The questions were simple. “Did I know about John McCain’s military record and Romney’s and his son’s lack thereof”. Then he would ask if this would make you more likely or less likely to vote for the candidate. Only two choices as the poll went on.

I was told that Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon was more important than the Bible. I told him I know some Mormons and don’t have a problem with them.

There was a reference to Romney saying his sons campaign work was equivalent to military service.

There was a mention of Romney getting several deferments from Viet Nam/military service.

The interesting thing was the consistent time lag by the caller. He would set up a pattern of asking leading questions and at the end pause for four or five seconds before asking if that made me more or less likely to vote for the candidate. I would say hello or answer just to see if he was still on the line.

He asked if I was aware of how much Governor Romney raised taxes in Massachusetts. I told him I thought the Democrat legislature might have had more of an impact on that issue.

No mention of abortion or immigration.

And so it went – very unprofessional.

It was a LONG poll. I was standing at the phone on the kitchen wall missing some TV show I did not care about so I took the whole thing in. Just to see how it would go.

It wasn’t a clever or pushy push poll but it was in poor taste.