You're Looking Sharp Tommy

While the big boys of the Democrat party gang up on poor little Hillary, our feisty salon owner, David Holden, is lining them up at his HairBiz Salon in Concord – just three doors down from the Edwards for President - Concord, campaign HQs.

A measly $400.00 bucks for a haircut is the challenge, with the money going to autism charities. That is the catch.

The “score” so far: Governor Mike Huckabee came to HairBiz TWICE, once for the challenge and once for a quick trim on the day he signed up at the NH Secretary of State’s Office. Huck has become a regular Granite Stater.

Senator McCain was an “almost”, as in his timing was off and the shop was closed, when the McCain people planned to stop in. We are waiting for a return visit.

Today, Congressman Tom Tancredo stopped in for the “HairBiz Autism Challenge”.

Tom Tancredo actually needed a haircut. He sat down in the chair and was about as mobbed with media as any candidate I have seen so far. He loved it! As I have written before, Congressman Tancredo is a “comfortable in his own skin” type of guy.

I have met Tom Tancredo several times and I interviewed him on NH Taxpayer Radio earlier this year. There is no denying he is the single, solid, consistent, voice regarding illegal immigration, which is like it or not, the one issue that will turn this presidential election. Democrats can bash Bush until the sap starts to run – he isn’t a candidate vying for a spot on the next ticket.

Congressman Tom Tancredo is.

The Democrats talk about illegal immigration at their own peril. If they look soft –as in drivers licenses for illegals, they are doomed. They do not hold enough of a majority to play games with amnesty or open borders. They have seen Gov. Elliot Spitzer start sputtering and even dragging the invincible Hillary down with his illegal illegal license scheme.

That is the wonderful thing about watching someone like Tom Tancredo in a crowd, be it a small NH hair salon or with a group of seasoned political junkies.

He doesn’t have to fake it.