No Short Jokes From Me

I had a chance to meet Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich at the “HairBiz Autism Challenge” on Main Street in Concord yesterday – just three doors down from the John Edwards Concord headquarters.

Mr. Kucinich was “trimmed” of $400.00, which will go to autism research, as opposed to having the most razor sharp and split end free bangs of all the candidates on the trail.

Something tells me Dennis Kucinich doesn’t sweat the details of extreme personal makeovers like some candidates might, he is a tried and true progressive with a message that doesn’t get lost in translation.

That message is decidedly, and unabashedly - left.

Here is the short version: Take profit out of health care and have a single payer program controlled by the government where everyone pays some nominal amount no matter what their situation, his field coordinator suggested $25.00 per month.

Being a conservative, small government, personal responsibility, type of guy, that message is lost on me. You might have to drill a hole in my head and pure the letters into my skull suspended in some sort of chicken alphabet soup based medium. It still don’t compute.

But the fact that Dennis Kucinich is a true believer does.

He has a stage presence, I will admit that. After watching him in action I can see how he goes about campaigning. He stays on message in a serious, dedicated, manner. If a tornado hit him or an avalanche rolled over him he would just stay with his message.

Oh wait, it has!

Out of all the Democrat candidates, except maybe former Senator Gravel, Mr. Kucinich has plugged along with little cash and single digit poll numbers. The press gives him a hurried nod now and then but he persists in bringing up issues the top tier would rather avoid.

I would guess that at a previous debate when Hillary and Edwards were whispering to each other in an unguarded but taped moment talking about getting the list of candidates down to a manageable number, Dennis Kucinich was at the top of that list - polling 100%.

I asked Mr. Kucinich’s people if he would like to be interviewed on NH Taxpayer Radio and the gig looks like it is on except for the details.

The interview questions are forming in my chicken soup already.