The Politics Of Prosecutions

The Most Ethical Congress Meets The Most Ethical Of Federal Prosecutors

And all is well.

The newest array of criminal charges alleging that United States Congressman William Jefferson, DEMOCRAT of Louisiana, has been caught in two more bribery schemes looks interesting indeed.

The document filed in US District Court in Alexandria Va., alleges Democrat Jefferson used Congressional Black Caucus letterhead to try to persuade NASA to give “close consideration” to a company, which allegedly agreed to hire a Jefferson family member.

This is what is known as a kickback scheme when a Republican does it.

Jefferson is accused by Federal prosecutors of suggesting in a July 2007 letter to NASA that his support of their budget in tight times was linked to this deal.

This new revelation of more Jefferson corruption doesn’t stop there.

Jefferson had the confidence to suggest to a lobbyist for an oil concern that the lobbyist’s client should hire a Democrat Jefferson crony for $10,000.00 per month, which the company refused to do.

Not only is Congressman Jefferson on the hot seat for stealing $10,000.00 of a $100,000.00 bribe he took during an FBI sting, he has now had these two extra bribe/kickback deals added to his pile of woes.

This is the part I like.

The prosecutors are planning on using this info at trial and NOT INDICTING Jefferson on the extra crimes - nice of them to care so much. I mean, the guy has enough problems, right?

How about THIS scenario.

The Feds don’t want to do an investigation into the Congressional Black Caucus. That would be more like it. Who is to say Jefferson doesn’t split the cash with them? It is, after all, their letterhead. And I have not heard squeak one from the CBC?

Cases against conservatives are made on much flimsier stuff. How will we ever know unless some CBC members are put under oath and asked to testify without legal counsel or notes. Call it “Scooterizing” the truth out of them.

I guess this isn’t a job for Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald now is it.

The most ethical Congress in history sure has had a bit of help from our Federal Prosecutor friends, let alone their media allies.

I wonder what the NH Congressional delegation thinks about this opportunity to expose Congressional corruption?

Oh that’s right, the most ethical one is trying to impeach Vice President Cheney.