Principles And Hope

Who would have thought Congressman Ron Paul would be the third largest single-day fundraiser of all the presidential candidates currently on the roster. That is amazing.

It is less amazing if you have followed Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign from outside the mainstream media’s box. I have had a look at it myself from here in New Hampshire. Dr. Paul has activists most candidates would saw a limb off for. And they run the gamut from neophyte to seasoned campaigners. Our taxpayer group, the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, has been leaned out a bit by the Ron Paul campaign draining some our more active members. This happens every election cycle as different campaigns look for real, live, legitimate, New Hampshire resident volunteers as opposed to bussing in help from out of state as some campaigns do.

I am not surprised that there is now a degree of downplaying the fundraising ability of Dr. Paul from some in the media who would like people to believe this campaign is simply an internet anomaly based on whipped up into a frenzy computer geeks. After you have been around campaigns for a while you might, if you paid the slightest attention, notice that much of what serves as serious campaign commentary is generated by whipped up into a frenzy campaign geeks.

What’s a guy to do for some real news?

Try taking a second look.

Ron Paul also set a single-event record, $102,000 dollars, for his fundraising recently. It was in Texas at a private home – from all indications it was a very luxurious home. The owners are people who regularly donate to worthy causes, such as hospice care, at upscale charity events. These are not computer geeks involved in a pretend campaign. Ron Paul has a broad spectrum of energetic supporters because he has a set of principals and sticks to them.

No matter how the Ron Paul campaign finishes I see a big plus for conservatives, libertarians, and all the combinations thereof because much of the Ron Paul support comes from young people who are just entering politics.

Here is a candidate, a sitting Congressman, with a voting record, unlike former dark horse candidate Pat Buchanan who was the last person to energize voters to this degree, who proposes limited government. Not only does Ron Paul preach the gospels of limited government (low taxes) but he backs the founder’s notion of avoiding foreign entanglements that endanger American lives.

And on top of this he is pro-life.

If the Ron Paul campaign can get limited government, low tax, Libertarian, pro-U.S. foreign policy, pro-life, activists working together and educating young people I think he has brought hope to America.