Class Warfare

The guy with CLASS won!

Mayor Guinta was re-elected Mayor of Manchester, NH despite the despicable mailings that come from under the rock at Amsterdam Democrat headquarters.

I don't know the other candidates for alderman and school board or the inside scoop and relationships between them so "no comment" other than the couple I saw at ward 4 where I was seemed like nice enough people.

The Re-elect Mayor Guinta victory party was fun. I don't go to many because CNHT does mostly school and town work, but seeing Marshall Cobliegh, Mayor Ray, Stretch (no last name needed), Biundo/Wilkins, and some of the other grass roots crowd was worth the trip.

Mayor Guinta was gracious and brief in his victory speech. His victory this time was larger than last.

The newly elected and current Aldermen should take note. The Manchester Republicans have two years to put their own political machine together if they can put aside internal squabbles and set an agenda (I suggest another spending cap try).

The time might be right now that the old tried and true dirty politics are no longer as effective.