Ha, Ha, Dover Has A Spending Cap!

Maybe we should call it the “City manager Paul Beecher Memorial Spending Cap”.

Admit it, the spending cap overwhelmingly adopted by Dover voters Tuesday was a direct result of that sneaky weasel’s actions as former City Manager of Dover before he escaped and got a job in Kingman Arizona. A job I should add Beecher was fired from August 10 of this year. Little did Beecher know there was no paper in Kingman such as Foster’s Daily Spendocrat that would provide him cover in that city.

Dave Scott was re-elected as City Councilor as well. Nice touch.

So now out of 13 cities in NH 4 have spending caps. Nice start.

Since you can only put a spending cap on a municipality with a charter, as opposed to town government, you would guess we have only 9 spending caps more to go, right?

Not really.

Ever since the adoption of Senate Bill #2, also known as RSA 40:13, the NH Municipal Association and other pro-government groups have been pushing charters for towns, putting local government under the whimsical dictates (as decided by superior court judges when things get litigated) of an individual charter rather than state statutes most of the 230 some towns use to govern themselves.

This means that if pro-charter/anti-SB#2 tax and spenders want to avoid direct voter control over spending at a Town Meeting and take over a town with a charter form of government, they also risk having a spending cap placed on their municipality at a later date AFTER they spend the community into a disaster like they always do.

Back when “Sh..ty Manager” Paul Beecher was in his glory signing backroom deals with his cronies in Dover City Hall he was for a time the head of the NH Municipal Association as well.

What a nice legacy Paul Beecher left.

Congratulations Dave Scott!!!