Hillary And (YUK) Sex

If I did not already understand why Hillary supporters behave as they do it might be frustrating, but not me, I have listened to and observed liberals for two decades, so this blind obedience makes perfect sense.

But in case you have not picked up on how it works yet here is the short version.

Hillary Clinton is an enabler for her husband. Just as an alcoholic or drug addict needs help every so often so does Bill with one of his problems. Bill Clinton’s problem is described as “sex” but is not sex at all.

Bill Clinton is an abuser of women, sex is part of it but power and a sense of invincibility is what drives him.

Liberals in America like to chant (chanting makes the mind focus and clears it of guilt or reasoning) that Bill Clinton’s sex life is not our business. It is to them as though he has a mistress like any European leader may have and the wife simply ignores that mistress and carries on for the good of the country keeping her head held high. It is an odd type of dignity but understandable.

Not so with Hillary. She stands by while her husband swabs a young underling intern’s private parts with a cigar and has her perform for him under his desk. That isn’t sex as much as it was an act of domination. But Hillary understands.

Bill Clinton’s jumping and manhandling an adult volunteer, Kathleen Willey, during a meeting in his office would be called a sexual assault if tried by anyone else, let’s say Senator Packwood. For this pair, the Clinton’s, it was simply a situation that needed to be handled properly. This includes strong support of each other as the Clinton’s again weather the storm. The need for power exceeds the normal human emotions most people would feel; betrayal, anger, outrage. None of that is directed at anyone here except the victims.

When Bill Clinton was recorded on Jennifer Flowers answering machine telling her to “stick to her story and there is nothing they can do” he was expressing exactly what is in play, supreme confidence in his wife’s support along with the main stream media and typical Clinton supporters – progressives. Just as with Flowers, Bill Clinton stuck to his denial of abusing the intern until he was absolutely trapped and again he had Hillary’s full, unconditional support.

Even the act of dropping his pants and demanding sex from an unsuspecting Paula Jones, for which Clinton paid a substantial sum in an out of court settlement, or the hard core sexual assault of Juanita Broderick back in Arkansas has had no visible effect on Hillary Clinton because there is none to be had. THAT is the mark of an enabler.

Clinton supporters may not be able to verbalize why the Clinton’s do what they do and they may not even understand why some people find it offensive, immoral, and illegal. They know just one thing.

The Clinton’s are a team. They will never back down. They will never give up. And they will never apologize or take blame. It is win at any cost. And when you have no guilt or shame the cost is very slim.

In the political world of progressives where the end game is to take as much of someone else’s money, rights, property, or power as possible for yourself through the force of government, these are the type of people you need as leaders.

I understand that much.