Full Court Press

Come and get him!

The media is finally focused on Mike Huckabee, as in he better take back comments he made ten years ago or else! Or else the mainstream media will put him though the zinger question ringer all conservative Christian politicians suffer.

That will teach him.

There is one small problem with this tattered old playbook the media uses in campaign after campaign. Governor Huckabee isn’t backtracking. He is answering his critics in an open honest way. More precisely, he is answering in terms of how he as a Christian functions in a political world.

Standard media God question gotchyas often fall flat with Huckabee as in when a reporter stuck a microphone in Huckabee’s face and asked if he thought God wanted him to be President. His response was something to the effect of: “I didn’t know God was registered to vote but if he is registered somewhere let me know because I want his support.”

Mr. Microphone just had himself served a heaping helping of Baptist slap down. And there is more to come.

I have seen the Huckabee record on taxes, immigration, the DuMond clemency case, and the education funding lawsuit Arkansas went through during his administration in Arkansas. And I have heard some of his explanations for granting clemency, supporting a constitutional amendment to raise taxes, as well as his early statements regarding AIDS.

His opponents are now trying to shape an image of him as soft on crime much as liberal Democrat Mike Dukakis was and they hope to tag him with that label. But Huckabee is not a liberal Democrat. You may be able to make a case for him being a Christian who is too compassionate to criminals but how will that square with his record of approving a record amount of death sentences? The DuMond case was something out of a fiction novel that transcended the terms of several governors. His pardon of Keith Richards for a traffic violation is hard to make a serious case against.

Regarding the raising of taxes. Huckabee dealt with a Democrat legislature, an education funding lawsuit, supported a constitutional amendment to raise taxes by a vote of the people, lived under a constitutional requirement to balance the state budget, handled state budget deficits, faced a deplorable highway system, and one of the worst school systems in America. He does not hide from his record. Go for it

But if the news media thinks they can conjure up old sermons Huckabee gave as a minister and make him look like a hayseed I think they are in for a rude awakening.

We have all been through the disgusting scandals and crimes of the Clinton regime, as have the voters in Arkansas who re-elected Mike Huckabee over and over.
Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Clinton scandals, which have cleared the deck of all previous measures of scandal paved the way for a Huckabee Presidency.