He's Young, He's Black, He Must Be A Drug Dealer

Democrat campaign veteran Billy Shaheen, the former “First Hunk” when his screechy wife was our NH Governor, has resigned from the Clinton attack team.

“First Hunk’s” expertatious, well thought out plan to prevent the inevitable Republican dirty tricks on Clinton’s opponent Barack by playing a dirty trick on the young lad FIRST lead to this most recent Clinton/Obamadrama.

Welcome to NH and the Shaheen Machine – crazy “First Hunk” at the wheel.

Hunky’s “Let me vet you to death,” offer of help to the Obama camp was met with some skepticism.

Ya think!

You have to wonder what the rest of the universe thinks about our state now. “First Hunk” is supposed to be vaguely familiar with basic campaign tactics like #1. Never accuse your young, black, articulate, opponent of being a drug dealer when you don’t have a shred of evidence.

This problem is probably caused by the recent Democrat trend to blame everything in NH, even dirty, rotten, stinking, tricks, meant to help a political opponent (wink, wink) on Republican dirty tricks.

Note to Democrat Presidential candidates:

This is the same crowd of thugs that passed a law which allowed the NH Democrats to spank you guys $65,000.00 each for a $450.00 voter list.

According to the Republican Party, these con men even sold the list to FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS!!! Now that is a basic violation of all Democrat values let alone NH law.

According to the part of the statute that was not unconstitutional it would be a felony if Republicans sold the NH centralized voter list to FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS but in this case there will be no prosecution – as usual.

If NH loses the Presidential Primary next time around because of this low life, liberal Democrat activity, I have a sneaky suspicion it will be blamed on the Republicans.

Apparently it’s all they have left.

I wonder what Governor Lynch, the “Ethics Governor,” thinks about this mess?

Why bother asking.