Man With Bomb Taped To Mouth Hands Back Control Of Clinton Headquarters

This attempt by the Clinton goon squad to use an underhanded trick to suggest Barack Obama may have been a drug dealer is one more in a recent spate of similar action.

Several Clinton staffers have had the heave-ho for not so subtle email questions about Barack Obama being a Muslim.

And yet Huckabee’s question about Mormons and what details of old passages in the Bible mean to them has lingered on for about a week.

Romney gives one of the best political speeches of his life regarding religion and America and it gets about two days in the press.

Fred Thomson shuts down a liberal moderator with an "I am not raising my hand or answering your question until you give me time" and it hardley makes news. I about jumpeed out of my seat. It was great, legendary.

Billy “The First Hunk” Shaheen suggests to a national paper that Obama might have sold drugs as well as used them is supposed to pass as a future Republican plot???

See how fast this disappears from the news. Almost as fast as Hillay's cackle in the last Democrat debate.

Except for here of course.

Where was Dennis Kucinich in the last libfest?