Babies Need Changing Too

As a registered Democratic I get tons of slippery, glossy, tri-folds hawking the attributes of the various candidates on the socialist side of the spectrum. (by spectrum I mean the bad spectrum not the good Spectrum in Manchester)

I noticed a similarity in several of the liberal Democrat candidate positions.

They are for CHANGE!

They will FIGHT for CHANGE!

We need CHANGE!

OK, I got it.

So I have a suggestion for my Republican friends. They need a snappy campaign slogan just like the lefties have.

Since you can’t beat something with nothing, here is my suggestion.


How can you beat something with nothing? - With EVERYTHING of course.

Democrats are for CHANGE and Republicans are for EVERYTHING. See how simple(minded) that is?

No longer will Republicans have to repeat the same old worn out themes of smaller government, low taxes, personal responsibility, pro-family, anti crime, national security.

Take a page from the Democrat Playbook – or should I say THE single page in the Democrat Playbook.

If Liberals can sum up their whole silly campaign in one word you Republicans should be for EVERYTHING.

Now I figure this professional campaign advice is worth about $450 bucks so if you would simply send me $65,000.00 I would be very grateful.